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Large Abstract Art for Office Walls

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I am an abstract artist. My medium is oil painting, often painting on primed board. My wife and I live in San Diego, California.

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The use of large abstract art for office walls adds character and interest to an otherwise bland interior.  Large abstract art is often placed in foyers or long hallways but also in individual offices.DSC02539.jpg

Here is a quick primer on selecting abstract art for your office environment :  Scale is critical.  Choose a piece of art that has a scale that fits the location…too often a painting is selected which is too small and is dwarfed by the surroundings.  A painting should be about three feet off the ground and two to four feet from the ceiling.  The painting should have an impact on the space.

Abstract paintings typically come with four or five distinct styles.  A first category would be geometric abstracts where hard, sharp lines define the spaces and shapes.  A second would be what I call organic abstracts where all shapes and lines are not straight or linear but softly curved.  A third style uses very dramatic, sweeping segments which may represent nature.  Cubistic abstracts are still very interesting, often denoting city scapes.  Richter made famous the drag paintings and these tend to be very elongated, horizontal impressions which also are quite dramatic adding impact to an interior wall space.

Interior designers can be helpful in choosing a style or genre.  Artists themselves can be consulted, often providing a no cost initial consultation to determine which type of painting would work in a particular environment.  Sometimes where there are many, many walls such as at universities or hospitals a theme will be chosen.  This theme might revolve around a certain color scheme.  By its nature abstract art often translates very well in large scale – something more realistic scenes are unable to accomplish.  Large abstracts come either framed or un-framed and original paintings can be truly stunning – greatly enhancing interior environments.

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