View a painting demonstration by artist Michael A. Wilson using the drag painting method. Oil paints are used on a primed wood board.

Portrait Collection 1

View a recent collection of portraits, set to a soundtrack by composer Joshua J. Wilson:

Articles by Michael A. Wilson

JORDAN RIVER (2/5/2019) - This is an oil painting on hardwood panel. Most of us are aware of the pivotal and historical moment when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River. On the left is John symbolically holding a water jug. On the right is the brother of Jesus, James who holds a wonderful gold crown. Most […]
Inspired Art (8/2/2018) - Even artists who confess no particular belief in God, cannot deny moments or periods of inspiration. Inspired art however continues to be decried by the critics as something to be downplayed. The opposite of de-bunking any kind of inspiration is not painting at all until a supernatural feeling or image is conjured. Living near the […]
Waiting for Inspiration (7/31/2018) - Waiting for inspiration is a little like asking the waiter for the check. I am not however one of those artists who debunk inspiration (per sey). But perhaps we should clarify the term by saying that this is something clearly beyond our normal bounds, our normal interpretation or our normal range of vision. THis is […]
The Bridge between Painting and Photography (7/31/2018) - The bridge between painting and photography is becoming blurred and I think we should welcome this evolution. Photographers have become more adept at modulating common images. They can subtly overlap images, juxtapose photos, give them an appearance of movement, fade and blurr photos to the point where they barely resemble the simple, fixed photo. This […]
The problem in art (7/7/2018) - One of Einstein’s better quotes is that a problem cannot be resolved by the same consciousness that created it. We might have thought this ourselves but never phrased it so succinctly. It is true though, right? Our consciousness needs to change, but, then, we ask how do we accomplish that.? The intent and the endeavor […]
when children paint (7/7/2018) - Wonderful things happen when children paint. Put paper and brush before them and they paint with apparent and complete happiness. It is for them just another means of expression. It is a medium that blends and naturally coordinates mental, physical and imaginitive imagery. It is a wonderful hand/eye experience for them. When our children were […]

About the artist

Photo of artist in front of painting“It is always interesting to go back and see how our career and interests began. My early interest in art began as a result of contracting Polio at age three. I spent eight months in an iron lung and somehow miraculously recovered. During my physical re-hab, my mother set before me my only means of recreation – paper and pencil. She said I drew endlessly.

My interest continued and I was often being driven to one art class or another…”

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