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The Making of Art

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I am an abstract artist. My medium is oil painting, often painting on primed board. My wife and I live in San Diego, California.

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I don’t mean to sound like a prima donna with regard to the Making of Art, because I say that art just does not respond automatically. It is not mechanical as in drive in this many nails today, screw here and then over there. There is distinct gestation in the general process… periods where forms and ideas are considered and weighed. What is their particular significance? Do they relate at all to other influences that have recently been considered ? I repeat though, I am no prima donna. This should be understood as a very natural process in making art. We have moved beyond commercializing. Let the material keep stacking up, row upon row. Keep categorizing the paintings. Keep track, or try to. Follow some pattern. But in all that be sensitive to the need to isolate and experience a certain ‘coming together’ of influences. Making art…how to be true, how to be (that ambiguous word), authentic ? There it is. I have said it plainly enough. You can’t just barge in and steal the key. There has to be consideration, some reflection, understanding of the process required, a golden edge that in the mind’s eye is retained…all of this gets broiled, as they say, in the cauldrons of each and every individual soul. The heat thoroughly brings them irrevocably together. Forms merge whether they want to or not. They combine and that combination identifies a new reality, a new moment. This is the stuff of art.
It is the stuff of life. The artist does the consideration, does the reflection and the broiling together of the many components. It all gets processed but is rarely completely understood. HOw could there be complete understanding. The subjects and forms are too complex. Our responses are just suggestions that add to the many ripples that now arc across the universe. We are trying to just comprehend our small part. We hope that we tie on to something more universal, more dynamic, more ‘authentic’ to the experience. This kind of thing requires meditation but what I like to call, just typical gestation – the process of sitting on a concept or idea and letting it develop as it needs to.

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